You are like a batter who is so far out in front of the pitch that you swing before it even reaches the plate. I ask you again: who will you vote for in November? Yes, Lauren, this IS the point. Who?

You keep asking the caboose to pull the train. You keep agonizing over issues that are further down in the triage sequence.

All these issues you address regarding Biden are qualified and critical, I agree. However, we are a few weeks away from democratic collapse. Yeah, I’m livid about the health care debacle as well. I’m incensed over what happened to Bernie. I’m fuming over Biden’s kowtowing to corporate overlords. I’m outraged beyond words about the corruption, arrogance, stupidity, fecklessness and backward looking strategies of the Democrats. I’m disgusted with how the Democrats have betrayed not just working Americans but their own self-lauded principles that supposedly define and guide their political philosophy. But GUESS WHAT? Did I mention that we are a few weeks away from democratic collapse?

You want to be able to petition for better working conditions, environmental safeguards, remediation of gerrymandering, equitable and real health care policies, continued protections for the elderly, support for working single mothers, redress of imbecilic foreign policy blunders, etc? And exactly how do you do that with the Orange Orangutan re-elected?

Whatever Biden is, he’s NOT the reincarnation of Idi Amin (unlike the present occupant of the Oval Office). Biden is IT right now, he’s all we have, that’s reality (you DO remember reality, yes?) and at least it is a reality that can be addressed by the American people without being gassed and threatened with charges of sedition because we are hurting and desperate for justice.

However, we don’t even get THAT unless we put him into office. You don’t get to complain about how broken down and inadequate the car is until you own it, start it up and drive it down the road. THEN you can bring it in to the mechanic. If your deranged, psychopathic neighbor drives it, he’ll use it to run you down in a happy-go-lucky hit-and-run on his way to the golf course.

As they say, you have to walk before you can run. Get Biden in, for crying out loud, then you can hammer him mercilessly. I’ll be right behind you. Or would you prefer to have your neighborhood deemed an “anarchist jurisdiction”? Barr can’t wait. He’s salivating. Even though Trump can’t even spell “anarchist jurisdiction”, he can’t wait either.

Get your priorities straight.

Um…so…who are you voting for in November?Be brave. Come on…you can say it.

Mr. Treadwell is a teacher, musician, luthier and enthusiastic supporter of sanity, reason and other such modern day trivia. Whittling away: